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A Large Project to Change Sahara into Green

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Sahara desert known as the largest desert in the world may turn into a green place with forests and agriculture as well as energy supply. A project agreement between the Jordanian government and the Norwegian government to carry out the Sahara Forest Project.

Sahara forest project started from an idea by a group of teams who joined in the Bellona Foundation, an environmental group based in Norway. The idea then submitted to the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009 and received a good response. Soon the proposal received by the King of Jordan, Abdullah II and he support the project and ready to provide facilities.

Pilot project conducted in the area of Aqaba, Jordan, will use an area of 200,000 square meters. Research will receive financial support from Norwegian authorities. In addition, about 2 million square meters of land will also be provided to the next stage of development.

Sahara Forest Project combines the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and saltwater greenhouses to provide renewable energy and sustainable agricultural solutions in large numbers. The project will utilize sea water evaporates and then condenses as fresh water for irrigation needs of plants and power plants.