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Master Degree : Landscape Ecology Analysis to Measure Landuse Fragmentation at the Upstream Subdistricts Area, Bogor District, West Java.



Developments in landscape ecology illustrate the important relationships between spatial patterns and ecological processes, and incorporate quantitative methods that link spatial patterns and ecological processes at broad spatial and temporal scales. This linkage of time, space, and environmental change can assist land managers in applying land management plans to solve environmental problems. Landscape ecology concept was adopted in this research to determine the level of landscape fragmentation in the southern area of Bogor District. Additionally, this research also measured landuse/land cover change from 1998 to 2002 in the study area. Assessment of landscape ecology was based on landuses classified from time series Landsat satellite images (1998 and 2002) using ERDAS 8.5 and ArcView 3.2 softwares. Landscape ecology indices were calculated using FRAGSTATS 2.0 and Patch Analyst 1.1 softwares (MacGarigal and Marks, 1995). Statistical computations using SPSS 11.0 software were also used in this research including Pearson Correlation and Principle Component Analysis.

Statistical analysis resulted that in 1998, landuse fragmentation in the landscape was occurred because the size of landuse became smaller and more widely distributed throughout the landscape area. In 2002, fragmentation was caused more by landuses shape aspects (landuses became more irregular). Important physical and social aspects causing fragmentation both in 1998-2002 are number of farmer, agriculture area, suitable slope for agriculture, and carrying capacity. Based on scoring analysis, five sub districts categorized as the most fragmented area in 1998 were Cariu, Sukamakmur, Babakan Madang, Nanggung, and Pamijahan, while in 2002, the most fragmented area were Cariu, Nanggung, Sukamakmur, Sukajaya, Leuwiliang, and Babakan Madang.

Key words: landscape ecology, fragmentation, PCA, Bogor