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New Book : Land Use, Climate Change & Biodiversity Modeling

Walaupun hanya satu chapter dan dalam waktu yang sangat singkat, senang bisa ikut kontribusi dalam penulisan buku baru ini. Semoga IPB membeli buku ini, untuk referensi pemodelan spasial.


How humans use terrestrial land affects the earth and all life forms on it. Biodiversity loss and climate change are consequences of the same inappropriate and careless uses of land that negatively impact ecosystems on a smaller scale.

Land Use, Climate Change and Biodiversity Modeling: Perspectives and Applications combines state-of-the-art modeling approaches at various scales with case studies from across the world. These examples help natural resource managers, scientists, and decision makers overcome their fear of models. The case studies show how to translate models into results and illustrate how pro-active implementation can mitigate biodiversity loss. This material will interest individual researchers, but it is also critical for policy-makers committed to the future of the planet.

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