Master Thesis : Habitat Suitability Analysis of Maleo (Macrocephalon maleo) in Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park

Yakub Ambagau, Yeni A. Mulyani, Lilik Budi Prasetyo


Habitat degradation is the main factor of the declining population of maleo (Macrocephalon maleo). Due to the lack of information on habitat suitability for maleo, it is important to carry out this research in Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park (BNWNP). The objectives of this research are to determine habitat suitability model for maleo and to determine suitability degree of BNWNP as a habitat for maleo. The use of habitat suitability model resulting from this research will enable both in-situ and ex-situ maleo conservation. This research proposes logistic regression to predict probability of habitat suitability for maleo. Survey was conducted to determine the presence of maleo. Pseudo-absences were selected randomly based on grid 30 x 30 m. Eighty-four presences and pseudo-absences of maleo were recorded. Fifty percent of recorded data were used to build a predictive model and the rest were used to validate the model. Habitat requirements were analyzed and quantified from digital topographic maps, ASTER DEM and Landsat 7 ETM+. The predictive model of habitat suitability was developed using backward stepwise regression. This research showed that predictive model of habitat suitability for maleo was affected by elevation, normalized difference vegetation index and distance to river. This research also showed that the unsuitable habitat (193.188 Ha) is greater than the suitable habitat (68.483 Ha) and the very suitable habitat (25.444 Ha). (Seminar paper in pdf)

Keyword : habitat suitability, logistic regression, presences, pseudo-absences, predictive model, macrocephalon maleo

Corresponding Author : Yakub Ambagau <>

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