Master Thesis : Characteristic Habitat of Catchment area and Demographic Parameter of Harvested Population of Amyda cartilaginea (Boddaert, 1770) in Central Kalimantan Province.


MIRTA SARI, Under supervision of YANTO SANTOSA and


Amyda cartilaginea (Boddaert 1770) is one harvested turtle species in Indonesia, mainly for consumption purpose in oriental countries. In order to prevent over-exploitation and the declining of the population, harvesting has been limited by quota. However, there is still too few supporting data, that can be used as a basis to determine the quota. The research was aimed to identify habitat characteristics of catchment area,  and also the demography and morphometric  parameters of A. cartilaginea in Central Kalimantan Province. The result showed that harvested population of A. cartilaginea was dominated by adult females within the range weight of 3 – 5 kilograms of body mass. Two statistical tests were applied to describe the characteristic habitat of catchment area of A. cartileginea in Central Kalimantan. Chi-square test on the types of land cover suggested that A. cartileginea catchment area had a specific condition. Index Neu showed that the habitat of catchment area  were swamp and river (w=10,17; w=6,28 respectively). Binary logistic regression was used to construct a model which explained the dominant variables influencing the number of A. cartileginea  at a certain point of habitat. There were four biophysical variables that significantly drove the number of catchment of A. cartileginea, and all were negatively correlated with its catchment.

Keywords : Amyda cartilaginea, demographyc parameters, morphometric parameters, habitat characteristics, habitat usage, preference of habitat.

Corresponding Author : Mirta Sari (

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